About Me

My gateway experience into the digital humanities world occurred when I was a sophomore at SUNY Geneseo, in Fall 2015, in Dr. Caroline Woidat’s Women and Literature: Politics & Practice of Textual Recovery course. This course introduced me to a handful of exciting online resources, such as Internet Archive and Just Teach One, but the truly transformational aspect of this course was how it changed the way I thought about texts, narrative, representation, and the opportunities digital tools provide for more extensive, collaborative textual analysis and criticism. This shift in perspective was a crucial turning point in my undergraduate career as I sought out more opportunities to connect with narrative and communities in increasingly digital ways. By the end of Fall 2017, I was invited to participate in a COPLACDigital course titled The Social Life of Books, a course that required its students to create a WP website exploring a collection of books held in their campus library. My knowledge and understanding of digital tools, techniques, and practices grew explosively and exponentially, resulting in the creation of the Solider Librarian at SUNY Geneseo, my final project that explored the 3 oldest books in Milne Library’s Special Collections, allowing site visitors to explore them in engaging and informational ways. I came away from this course with a stronger understanding of not only critical digital practices, but also of how these practices can impact learning and collaborative criticism. The 2 years that I spent serving the faculty and students of the SUNY system as a member of SUNY Open Educational Resources (OER) Services reinforced these values, and my transition into the Center for Digital Learning at Geneseo has been the perfect progression for me.